Nose Job

Nose Job

A nose job is performed to reshape, resize, or repair the nose by resculpting the bone and cartilage. These cosmetic procedures have become one of the most common of all plastic surgeries. There are two common nose job techniques performed by surgeons today, closed and open rhinoplasty. During an open rhinpoplasty procedure an incision is made in the skin between the two nostrils, while a closed rhinoplasty does not require an external incision. The surgeon you choose may suggest combining a nose job with other cosmetic procedures such as a chin or cheek augmentation to enhance the aesthetic results and get the best possible results.

Find a Nose Job Surgeon

Finding a great doctor or nose job specialist can mean the difference between success and failure, satsifaction and disappointment, and even the loss of thousands of dollars. View listings of nose job surgeons near you, contact each for price quotes on the procedure of your choice, and request additional information. It is important to ask alot of questions, compare nose job surgery prices for all surgeons and doctors in your area, and view before & after photos. Get started by choosing a US state below.

Nose Job Risks

A recent medical study reported that there are more than 100,000 deaths each year caused by medical mistakes. If you are considering having a procedure you need to consider the risks associated with nose job surgeries and all cosmetic surgery procedures. There is a risk that you will not be satisfied with your nose job procedure, even if you have the best cosmetic surgeon and even if the surgery goes smoothly. Click here to learn more about other nose job risksand general cosmetic surgery risks.

Nose Job Surgery Overview
Anesthesia:General or sedation.
Length of surgery:1-3 hours
Location of operation:Office or hospital.
Back to work:1-2 weeks
Average Price:$3,500-$6,000

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