Overview of Laser lipo before and after

Laser liposuction is getting very popular than the old version as it combines the benefits of the liposuction under local anaesthesia. It works with the specific thermal effect of the laser on the dermis and blood vessels. Lasers, which are used during surgery, have also improved in speed, power, and safety. The combination of old and new techniques turns the clinical results into a good outcome without all the risks of the traditional liposuction with general anaesthesia. Laser liposuction only requires local anaesthetic, which is safer and has fewer complications than old liposuction. The skin gets tightened where the lasers are used. Due to the use of lasers, there are very little chances of trauma caused to the body which means recovery is a lot faster.

Why better that old version

Interestingly, this process makes the entire surgery shorter. In old liposuction methods, there is a chance of losing of skin where the fat used to be. With the laser technology you actually end up the process of tightening the skin as well as part of the said procedure. Effect of laser liposuction before and after will be of very satisfactory, as you don’t need to go again for second option.

Laser lipo before and after

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