Psychological effect of liposuction a patient undergo

After getting any liposuction procedure, it can be stressful for many patients and they may have both physical and psychological stress. Patients may have difficulty to face the change after the liposuction surgery brings as the full operation can significantly change their total body image. The post-operative adjustment period is long and it is very much difficult for many liposuction patients to cope up with. Many may have face postoperative depression as another psychological aspect of liposuction cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction surgery

After the surgical procedure is done patients may experience less feelings of unhappiness, but sometimes this mode can be more extreme. Liposuction post-depression may be caused by stress, metabolic changes, or the frustration of not improving immediately. Patients who are already stressed before the liposuction surgery or those who are having a history of earlier depression are the most affected person to postoperative depression. Liposuction cosmetic surgery can create criticism from family members and friends, which is not at all positive which can cause the tendency to look at their body in a demeaning manner. Patients can raise question for wanting the liposuction procedure, and may question on their image of themselves. It is better to conduct an initial consultation sessions which can reduce the risk of getting affected after the method.

Liposuction surgery before and after


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