Lipodisolve Liposuction


Lipodisolve Liposuction,Lipodissolve is currently one of the most revolutionary procedures for dissolving unwanted fat, known as lipolysis. If you have concerns with unwanted fatty deposits, you certainly are not alone! You must understand that this procedure is purely elective and is ideal for small areas of unwanted fat, not overall weight reduction. That ideal area would a patient that says, “I’m currently loosing weight and exercising, but no matter what I do, or I weigh, this bulge never gets better!”The main attraction of this procedure is that it allows the practitioner to remove bothersome, disproportionate, localized fat deposits without doing surgery. Lipodissolve treatments require minimal downtime, which means you can go back to work the next day with very minimal discomfort. Unlike other formulations available, Lipodissolve consists only of the Phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate (PCDC), which is the active ingredient for dissolving fat, and lidocaine that numbs the area.
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