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Chin Liposuction Plastic Surgery

Chin liposuction plastic surgery can be used to correct a double chin, jowls, or excess fat in the chin area, and can be achieved in a nearly non invasive and safe way through SmartLipo. You really just can't hide fat that builds up on the face. But with SmartLipo you can get rid of fatty areas. And this plastic surgery is outpatient and not as costly as you might imagine.

Chin Liposuction Plastic Surgery - Appear Younger and Lose the Chubby Cheek Syndrome

SmartLipo chin plastic surgery can transform your appearance, making you look less chubby and younger. It eliminates problem fat areas on the face and neck and leaves you with tight beautiful skin. It can improve the look of not just your chin, but also your neck. This type of plastic surgery (smart lipois much easier, less expensive, and causes less trauma to the skin tissues than traditional liposuction.

The plastic surgery is carried out as an outpatient procedure and may only take an hour. You go home afterward, but still need some recovery time. Some bruising and soreness is normal. Always talk to your plastic surgeon before deciding on any procedure and discuss the recovery times and what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. QUESTION:How much would it cost for this type of plastic surgery?
    I am only 25 but I have quite a bit of fat under my neck and I don't like my appearance with it. It runs in my family genes and I know it is only going to get worse.

    • ANSWER:It's not a typical surgery that people normally get done, so it's hard to guess the market price unless you are a plastic surgeon or have had it done yourself or know someone who has. A good breast augmentation can be between $6000-$9000. I can't imagine that a neck "job" would be more. Although, the skin tissue there is probably different so it might make the procedure more complicated and therefore more expensive. My advice to you if you are serious about doing this, is to go to a plastic surgeon and get an estimate of what they charge, what they would do.
  2. QUESTION:Have you ever received facial liposuction/neck liposuction to contour your face? Not just too loose fat deposits. Some plastic surgeons offer facial contouring for the jaw, cheeks and chin to make your face more symmetrical or youthful. Has anyone gotten this done? How did it come out?
    • ANSWER:I haven't tried any of those but it sounds painful. Imagine taking some areas off and adding to others. ouch.
  3. QUESTION:Anyone Have experience with Neck Liposuction?
    Good/Bad experiences??I need to get rid of my double chin, and eating right and exercise is NOT working. I am already thin, but I have a double chin!

    • ANSWER:That's what the op wrote about. My experience is with tummy smart lipo and breast implants. But why would this be any different. I would not hesitate if I had a double chin.
  4. QUESTION:Is risky to have liposuction performed in the neck area?
    I am developing a small double-chin and want it gone immediately. Liposuction has to be the fastest way to get rid of it, but I am wondering if there are risks come with this operation.

    • ANSWER:There are risks with any operation. One of the biggest risks is with general anesthesia, but this is typically not needed in smartlipo plastic surgery procedures. They are generally considered safer.