The process of face lifting is also very much popular now days. It’s taking time to recover from a facelift and it is varied from patient to patient. It will also depend on the type of facelift you want to undergo. Generally, most patients is getting long time to be recovered to back to normal activity after one to three weeks and results will be showed within one to four months.

Facelifts are usually done under general anaesthesia so when you wake up you may feel muzzy or an upset stomach as the medication gradually ends up its reaction. Your surgeon can prescribe any alternate medications which are needed to control nausea or discomfort. The doctor may also recommend you some good antibiotics or the surgeon may also use a bandage around the surgical area to keep down the swelling. This may be replaced with an elastic bandage. There may be some tubes in the surgical area, which can control the fluid drainage.

Many patients may experience some swelling in first few days after the surgery has done. Patients can generally continue their work even after two weeks but this will depend on the advices of your doctor. Care for Facelift before and after much more important.

Facelift before and after